A backup is a copy of a website that is kept on a separate server and can be restored if something goes wrong with the live site - a failed script update, an unintentional deletion of some file or of your entire database, and so forth. Restoring the site the way it was will eradicate or minimize the damage the problem may have caused, which is by all means a much better option than having to reconstruct the whole website from scratch. While you could download a copy of your content on your personal computer, keeping a backup is a functionality that the majority of web hosting companies offer as part of their plans. You have to check how often they do that, though, because some companies create a backup only once every couple of days, which can be far from enough for a booking site or an e-commerce portal in which the information is updated daily. It's also advisable to see how fast and easy a backup may be restored, which can be essential if some problem appears on your Internet site.

Daily Data Back-up in Hosting

If you obtain any of the hosting packages we offer, you could leverage the backup function that comes with our solutions by default and without extra cost. We will produce a copy of your files and databases not once, but at least four times daily, so when an issue shows up on your site for some reason, we will swiftly restore everything, and in the worst type of scenario, your site will be restored the way it was just one or two hours ago. There are 2 ways for a backup to be restored - you may contact us through a support ticket and we will do what’s required on our end within the hour, or you can directly copy the content from the backup to the live site folder from the File Manager section of the Hepsia web hosting CP, in which you will find all the backups which have been produced listed in chronological order.

Daily Data Back-up in Semi-dedicated Hosting

You'll never need to worry about your website content when you purchase a semi-dedicated server from us, since our system creates regular backup copies of everything that you upload or set up within the account. What is more, this happens a minimum of four times each day, so the worst which could happen will be for your site to look the way it did several hours earlier. That's a lot better compared to what other companies can offer where you could practically lose days or perhaps weeks of work. The backups are available as browsable folders within the File Manager section of the website hosting Control Panel, so you can just copy the content to the actual domain folder and you'll be ready. You may also communicate with us through a support ticket and ask for a backup to be restored, though you can do that yourself without any problem via the intuitive and user-friendly Hepsia Control Panel.